by: RITA A. LEONARD - Plant Booth vendor Jim Germann has been a fixture at the St. Agatha Bazaar for 50 years.Holiday bazaars are the mainstay of November and December fundraisers. The annual St. Agatha's Christmas Bazaar, sponsored by its Altar Society, was held at the Parish Hall over the weekend of November 3rd and 4th, with a new room opened up for Thrifty Cottage items.

Old favorites such as jewelry, baby quilts, and handmade toys, sat side-by-side with new items – including chocolate spoons, recycled plastic bag holders, and color-coordinated pillows for Oregon State and University of Oregon fans.

Shoppers were greeted at the entrance by “Tomato Sauce Chef” Brian Quinn, who displayed jams, pickles, and spaghetti sauce, along with something new: Christmas pickle ornaments, explained as an old German tradition.

Woodstock neighbor Alma Hughes presented a variety of sewn and embroidered items she makes all year long. “I've been a vendor here for 32 years,” she smiled, listening to the Christmas carols in the background. “Tomorrow's my birthday,” she confided.

Across the room, Jim Germann at the Plant Booth topped her displaying record, though. “I’ve been coming here for 50 years, starting right after I got married,” he recalled. "We’ve got aloe and jade plants, and dried flowers. The dried hydrangea blossoms are selling the best.”

Mouthwatering baked goods set up near “Lisa’s Café” were another favorite. Elly Trebesch and Marie Zavada wrapped breads, cakes, and cookies for eager shoppers, filling table space with an endless supply of goodies.

Westmoreland's Nelson Nature Photography, featured in a BEE article last year, displayed photo cards and pictures of local wildlife. Marianne Nelson pointed out osprey, wood ducks, otters and bald eagles, along with several flower prints. “There are five otters down near the houseboats right now,” she said. “Two adults and three babies. They’re eating crayfish they find in the river.”

Amidst a setting of old and new traditions, with colorful Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts galore, excitement blended with comfort at St. Agatha’s 80th Holiday Bazaar.

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