As a journalist and editor with the Lake Oswego Review and West Linn Tidings since 2005, it’s time for me to say goodbye. And since we’ve been swapping stories for this long, I felt it fitting that I sign off with some fun memories from such a fun journalism stint at your community newspaper.

You may remember me from such memorable episodes as:

  • Reporter running from a chasing dog on Wisteria Lane;
  • Reporter in heels on construction sites;
  • Reporter doing undercover reporting from American Idol tryouts;
  • Reporter driving boat because her interview subject/captain fell asleep;
  • Reporter crashing into boat dock because she’s never driven a boat before;
  • Reporter high-fiving kids in the West Linn Old Time Fair parade;
  • Reporter singing at the Festival of the Arts and Festival in the Forest and encouraging everyone to subscribe to their community newspaper from the mic;
  • Reporter asking questions in the back row at school board meetings;
  • Reporter walking into a house on the Street of Dreams only to realize it was a regular residence, not on tour;
  • Reporter on A Avenue in a pencil skirt doing push-ups and free weights with a co-worker on summer lunch breaks;
  • Reporter on cable access TV delivering the highlights of her news stories for the week;
  • Reporter sloshing down McVey Avenue in (deep) snow to get the newspaper out on time during “arctic blast ‘08;”
  • Reporter in cat adoption agency that didn’t want to leave without an office pet;
  • Reporter at Stafford Primary School for “Read Across America” day, reading to students in funny voices;
  • Reporter that’s interviewed nearly every store owner and real estate agent in Lake Oswego and West Linn — literally;
  • Reporter that coined our staff meetings “chat chats;”
  • Reporter coasting down Hidden Springs Road after watching a school play and her car ran out of gas;
  • Reporter at Willamette Cove mobile home park meetings taking notes while senior citizens defended their homes;
  • Reporter that summoned the fire department’s anthrax experts after opening a powdered letter to the editor from a senior community member — it was baby powder;
  • Reporter chasing firetrucks on her way to work to make sure she got a photo; and
  • The one editing news articles at the left table at Oh Teriyaki. It had the best lighting.
  • In all seriousness, though, reporting your community news has been a privilege. This isn’t goodbye; it’s high-five.

    This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful to all of you for making me feel so welcome; you’ll still see my byline from time to time.

    If you don’t subscribe to the paper, start. If you think you have an interesting story, alert the staff. And if you can look back on your time at your job and feel warm and fuzzy, well, then you’re just like me.

    Contact me through and I’ll fill you in on all my fun new marketing and media projects.

    Until then, cheers.

    Nicole DeCosta is an associate editor with Community Newspapers’ Central Design Desk, former editor of the West Linn Tidings and current editor of LO, the monthly special publication in the Lake Oswego Review. She is leaving Community Newspapers on Friday.

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