Brian Love credited with controlling blaze

A bypasser used a garden hose to put out a fire at a Hillsboro residence Tuesday morning.

Brian Love was driving by the house at 430 SE Walnut St. around 9:20 a.m. when he saw it was on fire. He used a garden house to fight the flames and had extinguished them by the time firefighters arrive a short time later.

"I was just driving by and saw smoke and flames coming through the front window. It looked like the fire was right there so I got the hose and sprayed water through the broken window as I called 9-1-1," said Love. "I have certainly had my excitement for the day," he added.

When the first Hillsboro Fire Department engine company arrived, they found smoke coming from the front window of a two story residence and Love on the front porch of the home with garden hose in hand. The incident commander called for a first alarm response which brought additional engine companies and one truck company from Hillsboro Fire and Rescue to the scene.

Fire crews entered the residence which was completely full of smoke and confirmed that no one was inside. They discovered that Mr. Love had successfully knocked down the flames. After making sure that the fire was fully extinguished, fire crews set up fans to remove the smoke from the structure.

A total of 17 firefighters from responded to the fire.

The cause of the fire was not immediately determined. The front of the home suffered minor fire damage and the rest of home was subject to damage from smoke.

The property suffered an estimated $2,000 in damages.

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