The Victor and Agnes Vanderzanden family of Roy held a family reunion Sunday, Aug. 21, at the East Portland home of Bob and Jean Groce.

Although Vic died in a tractor accident in 1958 and Agnes died in 1985 at age 78, all 13 of their children came together for the reunion.

The 13 children, known as the Lucky Thirteen, are between the ages of 60 to 80 and in good health. Most of them still reside in Washington County, with Allan Vanderzanden residing on the east end of the family farm. Including the surviving in-laws, there are 22 family members.

'We shared on Sunday and gave thanks to God for all his blessings,' they wrote to The Outlook.

The family also includes 50 surviving grandchildren. One grandchild, Don Dovey, died in an avalanche on Mount Rainier in December 2002.

The Lucky Thirteen are Jean Groce, 80, of East Portland; Anita Kirby, 78, of Florence; Joanne George, 77, of East Helena, Mont.; Ellen Dovey, 75, of Stanwood, Wash.; Marilyn Murphy, 73, of Hillsboro; John Vanderzanden, 72, of Escondido, Calif.; Allan Vanderzanden, 70, of Cornelius; Rosie Herinckx, 68, of Hillsboro; Kathy Juenemann, 67, of Cornelius; Rudy Vanderzanden, 66, of Hillsboro; Judy Webb, 64, of Tigard; LaVerna Ascher, 63, of Portland; and David Vanderzanden, 60, of Hillsboro.

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