To the Editor:

As we all watch the news on Superstorm Sandy, the need to be prepared is again clear. Surviving the event is really just the beginning.

The days following the event are when the real survival starts. This is where your five- or seven-day supply pack becomes necessary.

Without power, the stores are closed. Stores with power are out of supplies, and delivery trucks cannot get to the area. It is reported the lines for automobile gas are measured by the mile. There again, gas stations without power are unable to pump any gas, and the stations with power are running out.

Of course, personal hygiene is difficult also. No power means no hot water, but your supply pack will at least contain waterless hand cleaner, along with a roll of paper towels. Also, the one gallon of water per day per person you have stored becomes life-saving.

The cans of food you can open with the manual can opener also become life-saving. Naturally, some foods would be better heated but even eaten cold the nutrients are there.

And don't forget, without power the ATMs will not be working, so a small supply of cash would be good to have.

Now I'm sure some of you are changing the channel to avoid the news.

But just for a minute, put yourself in the picture and imagine how you would react. Having a one-week supply of food and water for your family and pets is somehow assuring.

We all hope the "big one" never happens, but by being prepared you know you could survive if necessary.

Bev Speck

Community Emergency Response Team co-leader

King City

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