Joel Kuhnke of Lake Oswego was happy to discover that good Samaritans still exist.

Thanks to a very trusting good Samaritan in Bozeman, Mont., Kuhnke was able to have a very happy Thanksgiving, and with Christmas rolling around, he is still thankful. He is also still amazed.

“That was really something,” Kuhnke said.

This feel-good saga began Nov. 9 when Kuhnke and his dad were motoring through Bozeman for a greatly anticipated Thanksgiving holiday in Wisconsin. They were going to meet up with Kuhnke’s grandfather for a Thanksgiving feast and take his daughter, who was flying in for the occasion, on her first hunting trip.

At 3 a.m., their plans fell apart.

“Our four-wheel drive blew up,” Kuhnke said. “The drive line was just laying there.”

By 6 a.m., AAA had towed the car to a mechanic’s parking lot, where Kuhn and his dad walked into a nearby coffee shop. They were told the mechanic would arrive at 8 a.m. Then the good Samaritan walked in.

“He was the husband of the woman who ran the cafe,” Kuhnke said. “He wanted to take us home and give us breakfast, but we said we were fine.”

Kuhnke tried to get a rental car, but then he got an offer he couldn’t refuse.

“The couple told us, ‘We want to loan you our car. We’re Christian people. Here are the keys,’ “ Kuhnke said. “They said they would make sure our car was fixed. They said, ‘See you in two weeks. Have a nice vacation.’ The car was a newer SUV.”

Kuhnke arrived in plenty of time and was able to have a wonderful time with father, grandfather and daughter. He then drove back to Bozeman and the blessings kept flowing.

“When we dropped off the car they invited their son over to meet us,” Kuhnke said. “We had a nice prayer and went home.”

Christmas came early for Joel Kuhnke.

“It shows there are still good people out there,” he said.

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