Victor Hugos new salon offers enriching experience

by: SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Victor Hugo, Rebecca Roth (center) Neptune Aysan and Jesslyn Irvin (top). Victor Hugo, the 19th century French novelist, was well known for his monumental ambition. Victor Hugo, the 21st century Lake Oswego hair stylist, has monumental ambition too.

Hugo recently opened Victor Hugo: New Millennium of Hair on Pilkington Road.

Hugo previously operated Volero, a hair salon in downtown Lake Oswego, for nearly a decade, but it wasn’t big enough to accommodate his vision.

If you can’t fit a visit to Shangri-La into your travel plans, you could drop by Hugo’s salon, because he wants it to be the ultimate hairdressing experience.

“I’ve decided to take hairstyling to the next level,” Hugo said. “I want to create a new thing. I want to create an environment that is very relaxed, luscious and so soothing.”

Hugo really means it when he said his salon is not just another salon. It is a museum, library, art gallery, massage clinic and even has a small park with water gurgling over rocks right in the middle.

Hugo’s vision becomes instantly apparent when one walks in and sees the display of ancient Ecuadorian art. Although of Spanish descent, Hugo was raised in Ecuador, and his country’s culture is of immense interest to him.

“Look at their hair!” Hugo said. “It’s like an ornament. It’s an inspiration for me to bring back their ancient wisdom. I need to let the world know about these images.”

The salon seems to be a United Nations of Hair, as Hugo displays themes of various cultures. Clients can listen to music or read a book, in either English or Spanish. by: SUBMITTED PHOTO  - Victor Hugo cuts Dagmar Gewiese's hair at his newest salon, Victor Hugo: New Millennium of Hair on Pilkington Road in Lake Oswego.

Hugo’s business partner, Neptune Aysan, allows him to be the visionary. Aysan came to the United States from Turkey and got her MBA at Marylhurst University. She is Hugo’s match when it comes to burning enthusiasm.

“We have a great collaboration,” Aysan said. “We both want to create a culture here that empowers people.”

Hugo is fond of saying, “I’m not just a hairdresser,” which isn’t far from the truth. He got his start in business by working for the hairdressing immortal Vidal Sassoon on Fifth Avenue in New York City in the 1970s. Later he moved back to Ecuador.

“He became a celebrity,” noted Aysan.

He returned to the United States for family reasons and set up shop on First Street in Lake Oswego.

“It was a stepping stone,” Hugo said. “It served its purpose.”

Now, he wants to do something extraordinary. He hopes people will leave his establishment smarter, wiser, more cultured, rejuvenated and, of course, with great hair.

“It’s more than just a haircut,” Aysan said.

Victor Hugo: New Millennium of Hair is located at 17050 Pilkington Road, suite 110. For more information, call 503 699-7799 or visit

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