As we approach the end of 2012, it is the time to consider and reflect upon the priorities in our lives. My family has many Kevin Robertsonblessings for which we are grateful. We live in a wonderful community recognized nationwide for its support of families. We have a school district that continues to thrive in spite of very difficult economic times for education in our state.

It is because of these blessings and a desire to share them with others that Pamela and I decided that one of our top priorities is to support the next generation of children through education. We are doing this in the form of a sustainable gift to the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation Endowment Fund.

Throughout its history, the Lake Oswego Schools Foundation has been enriched by the generosity of many benefactors, individuals that have contributed time, talent and money. These investments have built an outstanding academic program.

We invite you to join us and “Invest in Excellence”: Make a gift to the endowment and help provide a long-term, stable source of financial assistance to the Lake Oswego School District. By doing so, you will help ensure that the future of public education in Lake Oswego will continue to grow and be strong. Gifts to the endowment fund are managed by the Oregon Community Foundation, which manages the nation’s sixth largest pool of endowment assets.

As a practical approach, now is also the time to consider the tax implications for giving now instead of later. There is considerable uncertainty about changes to federal tax code in coming years, but we know that the current tax laws afford us the opportunity to receive a full deduction for gifts made before Dec. 31.

Pamela and I truly appreciate that our lives and our daughters’ lives are blessed by the many people in this community who have been so generous in support of our schools. Our schools have provided a rich educational experience that will help our daughters to develop as good citizens. We feel that it is important for us to demonstrate our appreciation by returning that support to the next generation through a gift to the endowment fund. It is a way of passing down to succeeding generations the gift that we were so fortunate to have received.

To make a gift to the Foundation Endowment Fund, contact Mary Puskas at 503-534-2106.

Kevin Robertson is the president of the Lake Oswego School District Foundation.

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