Just the Other Day

1911 - They were planting cherry orchards at Cherryville in the Mount Hood foothills 100 years ago. Word was that J.T. Friel had a cherry orchard just coming into fruit bearing and that others were contemplating setting out cherry orchards.

Lewis McArthur's Oregon Geographic Names indicates that the town was likely named in the 1880s for the wild cherries that grew there.

In Fairview, they were shipping prunes out of the railroad depot. The consignments were Italian prunes grown in the area.

1921 - The Outlook wrote a spoof of a story about city contractor Frank Jones finishing projects for the fair 90 years ago. 'Not As Bad As Reported; Jones Is Still With Us,' declared the headline. It seems that at nearly every fair opening, in a rush to be ready, Jones suffered some accident 'that nearly turned him into daisy food.' The most recent catastrophe, a tangle with a telephone pole.

1931 - The yearly cost of operating a ferry across the Columbia River from Camas would be about $20,000 a year according to a committee investigating the possibility 80 years ago.

1941 - 'Did you get your deer?' was the most common question asked in Gresham at this time 70 years ago, a week after the opening of Oregon's deer season. 'Deers in trailers and on running boards of cars have been passing through Gresham from eastern Oregon, most popular hunting section, although some natives brought back venison from the Estacada country and the coast,' reported The Outlook.

The first deer checked in at the Gresham Berry Grower's cold storage plant was shot by M. Larson of Gresham. Joe Fex, herd manager at Sweet Briar Farm, got a 135-pound mule deer the first day of the season.

1951 - Al Bradley was new owner of the Wood Village market 60 years ago and threw a party giving away a free bicycle, packages of bacon and ice cream and donuts. And up in Corbett, the former estate of Julius Meier was a new camp and retreat facility owned by First Presbyterian Church of Portland.

1961 - A new branch of the McDonald's hamburger chain was to be built in Rockwood, The Outlook announced 50 years ago. The McDonald's chain was then a little more than 13 years old.

1971 - The Northeast Multnomah County Community Association was taking a stab 40 years ago at incorporating the city of Crown Point in what is generally the Corbett area. Springdale residents were thinking of a separate incorporation action of their own.

1981 - A seven-member team ended a three-month survey of the Historic Columbia River Highway through the gorge 30 years ago. Sponsored by a variety of groups and government agencies, the team of historians and architects gathered information on the highway that would eventually lead to its being named to the National Register of Historic Places.

1991 - Troutdale City Hall had two resident cats 21 years ago. Then a car hit Stanley, leaving City Kitty the reigning feline in City Hall. In the Columbia River Gorge, there was a groundbreaking for Skamania Lodge at Stevenson. And Wood Village Baptist Church celebrated its 40th birthday.

2001 - More than 1,000 people gathered in Gresham for a Sept. 15 service to remember those who died in the New York terrorist attacks 10 years ago. In Fairview, Rodger Vonderharr, 57, mayor for seven years, announced his intention to step aside and not run for re-election.

2010 - Dale Baldwin and Arlene Johnson Marble were named king and queen of the pioneer meeting at Corbett at this time last year. Baldwin, 92, and Johnson, 91, both died in the last year. Two other community old-timers, Joanna Ritter and Dorothy Naas of Boring, died last fall. Dorothy, married to Norval Naas, whose name is on the elementary school in Boring, once did a cartwheel at the top of Mount Hood.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.

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