Concerns about qualifications should come with suggestions

As I read the account of the recent exchange by Forest Grove School Board members Kate Grandusky and Fred Marble, it seemed clear Ms. Grandusky is not pleased with one or more of the district's budget committee members.

But after reading of Ms. Grandusky stating when the school district was forced to cut $7.5 million from its budget in the spring of 2011 that "committee members should have noticed the problem earlier" and "we need someone more attentive," I then expected to read somewhere of the potential budget committee members Ms. Grandusky had suggested.

Not reading this, I then expected to read an account of Ms. Grandusky presenting a list of recommended qualifications for a budget committee member, but again, didn't read of this happening.

As I've told employees in the past, when they present a problem, I expect solutions/options to be presented as well, and that's how we focus on potentially correcting the issue.

Given Mr. Nakijima having previously served on the budget committee coupled with his business sense managing Ace Hardware, Ms. Grandusky stating she believed the budget committee needed "new blood" totally dismisses Mr. Nakajima's experience at best and gives the perception Mr. Nakajima isn't fit to serve at worst.

Mr. Nakajima deserves better.

I would suggest a better response would've been Ms. Grandusky presenting a list of suggested qualifying credentials for a budget committee member, discuss with the board members to see if they agree on formulation of suggested criteria, and if yes, then further suggest the board rate each potential applicant against the agreed-upon suggested qualifications.

I don't believe this issue is resolved. And given the continued budget woes, it's important the budget committee has full understanding and support of the school board ... all the school board.

Allen Warren

Forest Grove

Free speech can, and should, be abridged in our homes

Why do tragedies happen? Why do individuals do terrible things? I’ll tell you why, because I know part of the reason. And I want you to know that just like you, I am part of the reason. It has to do with us and what we allow our children do, and not do. We buy our kids video games full of graphic depictions of violence, sex and crime. We don’t monitor what they view in video games and on the internet. We allow our kids to go to movies full of graphic depictions if violence, sex and crime. We don’t take them to G and PG rated movies. We allow our kids to watch television shows full of graphic depictions of violence, sex and crime. We don’t turn off the television and spend family time together. We allow our kids to listen to so-called musicians rap about violence, sex and crime. We don’t take them to concerts of uplifting music by real masters of musical composition. And then we wonder why kids do terrible things. And we do all of this in the name of free speech. The First Amendment to the Constitution reads in part “Congress shall make no law …abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press …” And Congress should not. But we can! And should, both within our homes and in society in general. Yet, we do not. Why do tragedies happen? Why do individuals do terrible things? It is because we do not understand the first Amendment to the Constitution. And it is because we let, and even encourage, tragedies to happen. Shame on all of us.

Jim Kolousek


Newspaper competition good for the community

In response to Dale Feik’s  Nov. 28 letter, “Community can support only one local paper.” You ask that local businesses consider only advertising in the News-Times as opposed to the Forest Grove Leader. You also support advertising in the Hillsboro Tribune or the Hillsboro Argus, although I’m confused about your approval of the Argus as it shares the same ownership of the Leader. It appears that you have expectations that our local business community should be “strong supporters” of the News-Times. I believe it to be reasonable that you should also have the same expectation from the New-Times towards this same community and without the expectation of ad revenue. Dr. Don Compton and his wife Kathy Compton invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring the community of Forest Grove a beautiful building. To convert an eyesore of a vacant lot, jumping through unbelievable hoops in permitting and various city and county requirements is nothing short of astounding and I don’t think we’ve had anything close to this done in downtown Forest Grove since the 1960s?  

Don and Kathy created a beautiful restaurant and wine shop (worthy of the Pearl District) and moved  Dr. Compton’s dental practice to the site.  

The interesting décor in Dr. Compton’s office as well as the practice itself are historically interesting and I think it simply mind-boggling that the News-Times did not find any of this newsworthy. New building, new businesses, all done by two people who are active, loyal and committed to this community? This is a great example of why we need another newspaper in this town. Maybe being the only game in town for so many years has bred complacency? And finally, I think it’s wonderful that you bought an Energy Star freezer from Van Dyke Appliances but it appears that by doing so, this somehow entitles you to “suggest” where they might advertise? In this economic climate, in a town where it’s notoriously hard to make a buck, our local businesses have the right to spend their advertising dollars how they see fit. Shame on you, Dale Feik. Laurie Wandell Forest Grove

Yellow newspaper bags clutter neighborhood

I was disgusted this morning by all of the yellow plastic bags containing the Forest Grove Leader that had been dumped on each driveway in my neighborhood. As a subscriber to the News-Times, I am very aware that this community has a wonderful local paper that is trying to be pushed out by the Forest Grove Leader.

Join me in calling or writing to request that they stop delivering to your house. This will cut down on waste and help send a message that this community already has a great local paper that we support. Call circulation at 503-221-8240 or write to Forest Grove Leader, 150 S.E. Third Ave., Hillsboro, Ore., 97123. Thanks!

Nell Rafalovich

Forest Grove

Nutcracker's success a community effort

We would like to congratulate the Ballet Forest Grove and Forest Grove Dance Arts dancers for their performances at our sixth annual Nutcracker production.

We would like to extend a heartfelt “thank you” to everyone who attended! We are extremely grateful to those who have supported and continue to support Ballet Forest Grove.

The following businesses and sponsors contributed to the success of our Nutcracker production: Doran Associates, Inc.; Kindness Family Pet Clinic; Paterson Furniture, Forest Grove Rotary Club, Heaton and Company, P.C.; Forest Grove Dance Arts; Lions Club of Forest Grove; Frye’s Action Athletics; Forest Grove High School; Time to Play; Draper Company; Smyth and Clark, P.C.; Richard and Stephanie Lind; Shan and Karla Clark; and Michael and Jessie Moran. Thank you to the many local businesses who helped us advertise The Nutcracker on their store front windows, reader boards and by displaying our banners. And thank you to the community of Forest Grove for your support.

Finally, to our numerous, dedicated volunteers, there are not enough words to express how much we appreciate what you have done to make this year's Nutcracker production a wonderful success.

Board of Directors

Ballet Forest Grove

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