by: RAY PITZ - Kate Palmer, Amy Otis and Hannah Huntington display a portion of at least 1,000 snowflakes Otis helped collect. The snowflakes will be sent to Sandy Hook Elementary School children in Newtown, Conn., to brighten up the atmosphere of their new school.When Bobbi Otis saw the Facebook post encouraging everyone to send paper snowflakes to brighten up the lives of the young survivors of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, she immediately thought of her daughter, Amy.

Amy, who is in Sherwood High School’s Leadership Class, immediately embraced the challenge and by Wednesday morning, she was on the school’s morning announcements, encouraging fellow classmates to break out their scissors, tape and imaginations.

The Facebook post was simple, sent from someone who lives in Newtown, CT., where the killings of 20 school children and six adults took place. It reads in part: “There is a Snowflake Drive for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary to turn their new school into a winter wonderland being sponsored by the PTA. Like our children, no two snowflakes are alike. We invite you to create snowflakes to decorate Sandy Hook School’s new home.”

Amy then waited to see how many students would create snowflakes.

“After school (on Wednesday) there was a small box… there was, I don’t know, 50 of them,” said Amy, a senior.

That quickly changed the next day and by 11 a.m. Thursday she discovered three garbage bags and a box filled stuffed with the decorations in Sherwood High School’s main office.

“We haven’t counted but there’s at least 1,000,” said Amy, who had all the snowflakes scattered across her family’s kitchen table for inspection. “I was not expecting to get this many.”

by: RAY PITZ - Here are several of the snowflakes containing personal messages for the students at Sandy Hook Elementary School, showing support from students at Sherwood High School.There were snowflakes of all sizes and shapes: white ones, colored ones, three-dimensional ones and those containing the following personal messages:

“Sherwood High School Loves Sandy Hook.”

“We love you Sandy Hook. Stay Strong.”

“Though we may never know what you’re going through, we want you to know we love you and wish you happiness.”

Amy said she received encouragement from several teachers and Aurora Taylor, her Leadership Class teacher, allowed students to make more snowflakes on Thursday, the final day of classes before winter break.

“I told my leadership class about it; told them to spread the word,” she said.

She also posted a photo of the announcement calling for the snowflakes on Twitter and Instagram.

Throughout the snowflake drive, Amy also received encouragement from her friends.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Kate Palmer, also a senior. “It’s cool to think about how excited the kids are going to be and that everyone is thinking about them.”

Another friend, senior Hannah Huntington, said if she was one of Sandy Hook students, she thinks seeing all those snowflakes pouring in from across the county would “make me so happy.”

Now Amy is in the process of packing up the decorations and sending them off.

Anyone wanting to help out can create their own snowflakes and send them to:

Connecticut PTSA, 60 Connolly Parkway, Building 12, Suite 103, Hamden, CT, 06514.

“I can’t even imagine what it’s like to be in their position… and I think anything that would make them happy would be great,” said Amy.

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