Officials hope to keep licensed staff unaffected by potential reductions

Budget cuts may be looming on the horizon for the Estacada School District, and administrators are doing what they can to be prepared.

During a Wednesday, Dec. 19, administrative meeting, district business manager Donna Cancio said officials have been in contact with representatives of the Oregon Education Association, the union that represents teachers throughout the state.

Cancio characterized the contacts with the OEA as “civil,” and said that the district has updated the union officials on developments surrounding its budget.

Superintendent Howard Fetz said the OEA wants to know which employees would be affected by potential layoffs. He added that the OEA did a survey among district staff members, and the results suggested that having three furlough days would be an acceptable solution for local teachers.

However, Fetz said the district was looking at the possibility of five furlough days.

The district is hoping that any cuts would not affect its licensed staff for the remainder of the school year, Fetz said, but doing so would put pressure on its classified staff.

Cancio said there has been obvious anger, frustration and disappointment as a result of the financial woes. She stated that the district has been using existing fund balances to maintain its current service level, but that such an approach can only be effective for so long.

Fetz stated that the district also is looking at making administrative reductions. He said that funding allocations for administration are about half of what they were when he first became superintendent in 2007.

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