“The only thing worse than hate is indifference.”

— CBS network TV series

“C.O.D.” on Dec. 6

Last actions of the common voting block (CVB), majority of 2011-2012 Lake Oswego City Council were on full display Dec. 18 beginning at 5 p.m. CVB majority (4-3) includes:

Mayor Jack Hoffman (2009 -2012)

Councilor Bill Tierney, (2009-2012)

Councilor Sally Moncrieff, (2009-2012)

Councilor Donna Jordan (2007-2014) Term 2.

Generally opposed by:

Councilor Jeff Gudman (2011-2014)

Councilor Mike Kehoe (2011-2014)

Councilor Mary Olson (2009-2012)

The CVB also represented a last hurrah of 2001-2012 Hammerstad-Hoffman supporters (HHS).

What has been left behind are policy imposed entrapment designs — policy IED(s) including:

WEB —West End Building

LOTWP — Lake Oswego Tigard Water Partnership

FDFP — Foothills District Framework Plan

FURP — Foothills Urban Renewal Plan

SLO — Sensitive Land Ordinances

and likely wreckage of:

LOPT — Lake Oswego to Portland Transit Project

ERT — Elk Rock Tunnel

FURP / Ordinance 2601, may be a gift to supporters today. But will tap into children’s education means in the Lake Oswego School District for years to come. By usurping property tax funds required for an exceptionally high risk/low return partnership (Williams Dame & White Lake Oswego LLC [Foothills LLC]); one that could be implemented without authorization by a citizen vote. Add to that the evolving issue of property tax “compression.”

FDFP (Implementation) / Ordinance 2599, will promote congestion on State Street / Highway 43. Through a new policy construct called a MMA — Multimodal Multiple Use Area. In brief, a MMA designation relaxes a level of service (LOS) metric (A = free flow, F= stopped traffic) component measure called the “volume-to-capacity-ratio” or V/C. Prior to 2012, V/C was utilized by ODOT to deny developments, such as Foothills, that required additional driveways and intersections congesting Oregon highways unless developers/municipalities mitigate and pay for traffic congestion relief projects. Neither Foothills LLC, Lake Oswego, Metro nor ODOT will be required to provide expensive mitigation projects to relieve known State Street bottlenecks.  Resultant congestion, which induces cut-through traffic on both east and west sides of Highway 43 through Dunthorpe (Birdshill/Riverdale) on dark, deteriorating, axle-breaking roads plus traffic in front of Riverdale Elementary School.

ERT, Resolution 12-70, is a future Christmas ghost for east end Lake Oswego “downtown” businesses, fortunately yet to appear.  Unless the known geology risks are studied and quantified for $3,000 to $10,000 they will be covered up with a concrete liner in 2013 and rendered inaccessible due to cost, thereby preventing development of rebuilding plans in the event of a magnitude 6.0- 9.0 Cascadia Plate Fault Break — aka subduction earthquake.

I urge all residents in the Lake Oswego Urban Growth Management Area (UGMA) and Riverdale to watch the December 18 meeting available at For about 60 minutes of time, including citizen comments between time marks (hh:mm:ss) 00:53:40 — 01:11:25 and testimony on FURP Ordinance 2601, 01:21:41 — 02:08:26, download documents and packet extracts at

Read, judge for yourself and speak out starting January 2013. Insist the 2013-2014 Lake Oswego City Council rescind most of the lame-duck actions of the 2011 - 2012 Common Voting Block.

Charles “Skip” Ormsby, is community planning organization/neighborhood association chairman for 2012-2013 in Birdshill.

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