I wanted to take the time to commend state Rep. Julie Parrish for her assistance in a true time of need. As is true for most everyday citizens, it's easy to become skeptical and cynical about even those very politicians we (personally) and individually support.

Over my previous career, I had (the) unique opportunity to rub shoulders with government leaders from the bottom to the top. It's sad to say that many of them - regardless of party - fail to adequately represent their constituency.

In our day and age, our local, state and federal governments have created such an immense gap between themselves and the common citizen that all the Sellwood and I-5 bridge projects around the nation could ever cross. I, too, gave up on government to do anything but serve themselves.

I was proven wrong late last year into the start of this year. During a time of extreme personal crises, Rep. Julie Parrish jumped in.

Parrish went far beyond professional expectations to prove to me - the common citizen - that some politicians really do care. As a sort of shot in the dark, I sent Parrish an email one afternoon last year to explain my difficulties. I was shocked to receive a phone call within an a couple hours. What shocked me more was that it was after hours and I could tell she was at home taking time to talk to me, a normal guy - an everyday citizen.

Parrish followed through, heard my hardships and did what she could to part the waters.

As a result she was able to cut through months of 'red tape' with Oregon State PERS in a matter of days. Representative Parrish saved my family during a time of extreme financial difficulty.

During a time I needed (my) earnings the most - a tipping point between just making it and poverty - my earnings were unobtainable. Because of wasted bureaucratic nonsense and impractical laws, rules and protocol fueled by personal motivations, our PERS system is among the worst in the nation. Representative Parrish proved to help the common citizen while at the same time taking a stand to confront our state's biggest bureaucratic failures, Oregon state PERS.

Thank you Julie from all of us,

Nathan Di Cenzo

West Linn

(Editor's note: Julie Parrish, West Linn, serves as State Representative for House District 37 - serving the communities of Tualatin, Stafford and West Linn.)

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