St. Helens wins sloppy game with Lebanon, 1-0
by: John Brewington PENALTY KICK—St. Helens’ Taylor DeSchamps takes a penalty kick during Saturday’s win over Lebanon.

The St. Helens Lions continued their winning ways this past week with a 5-0 win at Dallas, and a 1-0 win against visiting Lebanon.

The team has now won three of their last four matches and tied one. Their only loss came in their season opener.

Against Dallas, St. Helens put up four goals in the first half, and one after halftime. Jordan Pense and Will Lawrence each had two goals. Doug Kessinger had a lone goal with a nice assist from Max Bollweg.

'Our juniors continue to impress,' coach Neil Ford said. 'Nick Drummer, Pablo Francisco, and Kaleb Kline had good games. Eldon Ralls was steady as always and Lathan Badger earned the shutout.'

He noted, 'The guys let some of the refs' calls affect how they played it and seemed to break our concentration. We have to get past that and worry about what we can change during a game.'

Ford says the team still has some work to do.

'Even with all the seniors, the team still has a lot of growing up to do,' he said. 'The guys must have a better focus - staying aware of how the game is progressing, how we can exploit weaknesses, and how to clean-up individual performances - if we hope to win against top opponents. The focus must start with on the bench and continue to the players on the field.'

St. Helens had a pretty sloppy game with Lebanon on Saturday, according to Ford, but Doug Kessenger would score the lone game of the contest.

'We need to clean up our passing and be a lot crisper for Hermiston on Wednesday,' he said.

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