Man allegedly confesses, now awaits decision of grand jury

A man questioned recently by Sandy police about the burglary at Precision Archery on Aug. 12 has allegedly confessed to the crime.

The suspect - John B. Shaw Jr., 46, Wenatchee, Wash. - allegedly told a Sandy detective he had taken thousands of dollars of archery equipment to Wenatchee, where he has been living.

The day of the burglary, Shaw was visiting his family in Sandy, where one of his family members is seriously ill.

He told the detective, according to the police report, that he wanted to steal something so he could get enough money to vacation with his girlfriend on the Oregon Coast.

But when he entered the archery business and saw all the valuable merchandise, he decided to take more than the one item - which he initially had planned.

Instead he took most of the merchandise in the store.

Inside the store, he thought, 'This is way too easy,' he allegedly told the officer.

Witnesses who saw Shaw carrying archery equipment away from the archery shop that early August morning told police they were certain it was Shaw.

One witness told police Shaw had met him one day and mentioned he had just got out of jail in Washington, and had returned home to help care for an ill family member.

When the detective interviewed Shaw, he initially denied any involvement. But given witness testimony, Shaw decided to tell the truth, waiving his right to have counsel present.

The detective recorded his statements, while Shaw recalled how he broke through a window and made about five trips to carry the merchandise to his family's garage, where it was loaded into a borrowed van the next day for transport to Wenatchee.

He told the detective he took the archery equipment to Wenatchee where he traded it for about $2,000 cash - enough to pay for a 10-day vacation for two on the Oregon Coast.

The Clackamas County district attorney is convening a grand jury to decide on charges of second-degree burglary and first-degree theft in this case, and then a warrant would be issued for Shaw's arrest.

The officer told Shaw he would most likely be held in jail until the trial, and if convicted it would be a lengthy prison term, given his previous record.

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