Other students quickly reported weapon to school staff, no one injured

A student at Stafford Primary School in West Linn brought a BB gun to school in his backpack Sept. 22.

'While the student made the unfortunate choice of bringing it to school, other children acted appropriately in reporting it to an adult,' wrote Principal Jen Freeborn in an email sent out to school families.

Freeborn, who declined to give the student's name or grade, said other students reacted quickly after seeing the gun and told adults.

Freeborn applauded the students and staff members for acting quickly and appropriately.

'It served as an important reminder for parents as to what is appropriate to bring to school and what isn't,' Freeborn said.

She said the situation was handled between the school, the child and his family. She declined to say whether or not the child was suspended or what disciplinary action was taken.

West Linn-Wilsonville District policy forbids weapons and that they are subject to 'forfeiture or seizure.'

According to the policy, students who bring a weapon to school will be expelled for at least one year, although the superintendent may modify the requirement based on the case.

According to Assistant to the Superintendent Tara DuBois, the district cannot give out names or event details for the privacy of the parties involved.

'This is a reminder that toy weapons of any kind are not allowed at school or on the school bus,' Freeborn wrote in the email.

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