To the Editor:

   The Senior Citizens of Jefferson County (SCJC) is alive and well! COCOA has not lost the state certification for the kitchen. Please do not believe the rumor circulating these past couple of weeks.
   We, the rental committee, are working very hard to enforce our newest contract. We must rent the building while at the same time keep our beautiful building clean and in order. Our long time renter is Central Oregon Council on Aging. COCOA has been and is our most important renter. We look forward to their daily input and guidance.
   We must rent our rooms and kitchens to you, our old and new friends to pay ongoing bills. To help coordinate between the renter and the Rental Committee, we have a new position called a kitchen supervisor. This person is there to supervise only plus see that all rules and regulations are followed while the renter is occupying the kitchen. This includes state laws as well as our regulations in our contract with the renter.
   A special thank you to all who work with us at the senior center. Thank you to COCOA for their rental, their employees and volunteers. A very big thank you to all of the volunteers at the senior center. Come visit our lovely building, join our group. Volunteer!
   Rental Committee members
   Jeanne Linn
Shirley Gibson
Anna Ashby
Lucille Hammett
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