>   One good year does not a program make. It's more akin to a deal with the devil. For OSU, payment came due in '01.
   This year's Civil War was to be huge: for the Pac-10 title, maybe a national title berth. ABC was showing it nationwide to give those East Coast Heisman voters a look at Harrington and Simonton. Civil War fever was cooking ...
   Then the Beavers played a game.
   Accumulative since 1994, the Ducks have been the class of the Pac-10. One-year wonders they're not. They've earned their preseason praises, and then some, winning the conference title. A bad quarter against Stanford may cost them a national title shot. The Beavs also had a bad quarter ... autumn.
   Defensively, the Ducks will stuff the run Saturday, depending on the league's best corner duo, Steve Smith and Rashad Bauman, to handle the Beavs' weak receiving corps. Simonton will miss his record.
   Offensively, Oregon's line will continue dominating opponents; Harrington will exorcise the '00 Civil War demons, gloriously capping his career; and Smith and Morris will make Simonton the third-best back on the field.
   Bellotti will win with class, Erickson will whine and cuss.
   The Ducks are better at nearly every position. They'd win if the game was played in the Bi-Mart parking lot. Sorry Beavs, it's at Autzen.
   Prediction: Oregon 35-OSU 17.
   Tony Ahern - U of O, 1986
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