by: OCP This is a sketch of the suspect who has been seen photographing pre-teen girls in Oregon City.

The Oregon City Police recently took a report of a male suspect who has been taking pictures of girls in the neighborhood of Tracy Lee Court in Oregon City.

A family reported the following to police officers:

A male suspect had parked in their neighborhood every day for the prior week. These incidents apparently took place after school, around 3 p.m. The male was driving a silver or dark gray compact car, possibly a Toyota.

He had taken photographs of at least two girls in the neighborhood as they were playing. One girl was 12 years old and the other was 11 years old.

The male was reportedly between the ages of 20-30 years, is Caucasian, tall, wearing a black hoodie and had black hair and possibly had bandage of some sort on his nose.

A neighborhood friend (the 11-year-old) corroborated the story and said she had also seen the male in the yard of the reporting party at around 9 p.m. one night that week. This girl said they were painting some rocks in the yard when she heard some leaves crunch. She looked around the corner from where she heard the noise and saw the same male suspect. The male took off running and jumped over the fence.

The girls said that on at least two occasions, the male followed their school bus as it was dropping kids off.

The responding officer spoke with an off-duty officer who was walking by with his family. When told about the incident, the off-duty officer said his young daughter had just told them that a man had been taking her picture in the neighborhood as well. She gave the same description.

Oregon City Police officers have notified school officials and law enforcement is in the process of having a sketch drawn of the suspect.

The Oregon City Police are asking anyone who sees a suspicious vehicle that might match this description to get a license plate number, write it down and call them at 503-657-4964. Also be observant of any details about the vehicle and/or suspect. The more details they receive, the more helpful for them in locating the suspect.

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