>Free throw contest taking registration at noon for 1 p.m.

   A free throw shooting contest staged by the Elks Club will be making its annual appearance Saturday at the Madras High Gym. There will be competition in both girls and boys divisions in age groups of two years each starting with 8 and 9, going up to 10 and 11 and concluding with 12 and 13.
   The varied age groups will be taking their shots at free throws in order, using all six baskets at the high school starting at 1 p.m. Organizers of the event, from the Madras chapter of the Elks, need the boys and girls at the gym at noon to get them properly signed up.
   There are scholarships at state for the best free throw shooters if they are fortunate enough to advance to the national level. To reach the championships at the national Basketball Hall of Fame in Massachusetts, however, the local winners will have to go on to triumph at state and regional levels as well.
   Any boy or girl of the ages noted is eligible to take part.
   Shots are normally taken in a sequence which starts with five practice starts and 10 counting shots before moving up to 15 counting shots in the second round. The free throws are monitored by officials to make sure that shooters stay behind the line designated -- as the younger shooters are allowed to stand just 12 feet instead of 15 feet away -- as well as to make sure the ball is not held longer than the 10 seconds which is allowed by national rules.
   A birth certificate or copy of one should be brought by all the participants as they will need proof of age in the event they shoot well enough to move on in the competition.
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