To the Editor:

   Have you ever met an Angel? What would they look like? Tall or short? Black, Hispanic, or maybe White? Old or young? We can't speak for everyone, but we would like to let you know about the two Angels that touched our lives.
   Our Dad collapsed in front of his house, on the far side of a small picket fence. He was stricken with a severe asthma attack; not breathing, lying on the side of the road, blue from lack of oxygen.
   We don't know if it would have been the end for him or not, we ever really know when it could be our time. Apparently it wasn't time for him because two young men spotted him and came to the rescue. They called 911 and stayed with him until help could come. We could not find out who they were. So we're writing this letter to let you, the citizens of Madras know that somewhere walking down your streets, eating in your restaurants, driving your streets, are two Angels (teenage boys we think) that have forever earned a place in the hearts of our family.
   Thank you, you were most certainly sent by God and you are Angels to us. We also are grateful for the almost immediate response of the paramedic team and two Pastors who were so compassionate and helpful. Thank you.
   From the family (and extended families) of Clifford E. Ward
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