By Glennis Fellas

   Special Writer
   After fourteen months of processing paperwork and waiting, Patti Leggett held her new son, 6-month-old Andrew Tuan, in her arms for the first time. It was the moment she had been anxiously waiting to experience.
   It was a 24-hour flight to Lang Son, Vietnam, to pick up her much-anticipated child. She and her husband, Kelly, couldn't be more satisfied.
   "I was so excited on the trip over," says Patti, "but very tired on the trip back. Of course, it was worth it."
   It was her second trip to Vietnam, because she had to make an earlier trip to fill out the mountain of paperwork.
   "The town of Lang Son is run down from the war," Patti explains, "but the orphanage was clean and the children clean and cared for."
   Patti and little Andrew were greeted at the Portland airport by all of his new family and friends.
   Kelly Leggett saved his vacation time to spend the first three weeks with his first child. This is a second family for Patti, who has a granddaughter about the same age as her new son.
   Andrew's new grandmother, Carol Elliott of Madras, says he is a wonderful baby and she couldn't be happier. He is her seventh grandchild.
   The Leggett's adopted their son through the Orphans Overseas program and couldn't have been more pleased with how it was handled. Like any overseas adoption it was a challenging adventure requiring a great deal of paperwork, emotional ups and downs, anticipation, significant cost and unexpected delays.
   Orphans Overseas has been in six provinces of Vietnam since 1993 conducting humanitarian work and facilitating adoptions.
   The Leggetts chose Orphans Overseas because they knew another local family, Roger and Lisa Able, which has adopted three children through them.
   "We prayed about it and felt it was the right thing for us to do," says Patti.
   Andrew's biological mother is a 23-year-old unwed mother who couldn't take care of her son. She worked in the orphanage until he could be adopted. She was happy to know her son would have a good life in America.
   The biological grandmother was very happy as she had been pushing her daughter to do this.
   Baby Andrew now has a loving, caring home and surrounded by a community of well wishers.
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