To the Editor:

   Madras is about to get a new neighbor. BestCare Treatment Services will be opening a short term residential Hispanic treatment program in Madras, and a lot of people are trying to figure out what this will mean to them.
   Maybe we can help answer questions and address concerns by letting you know what we do and how we operate. BestCare Treatment Services is a provider of alcohol and drug, and mental health care. We have outpatient facilities in Bend, Redmond, and Madras. These operations have counselors on staff and clients are scheduled to counseling and group sessions. Occasionally, clients need more help than they are able to get as an outpatient. In these cases, clients are sometimes referred to residential treatment. BestCare is building a residential home in Madras. With awareness of this, some are asking what kind of people will be cared for by this service.
   When any individual is referred to our residential treatment, there are several conditions this client must meet to be accepted. We do not take residents "off the street." We do not take clients who are actively using substances (many will have relapsed, but they are not in need of detoxification or actively using substances). And, we do not take the criminally violent or any known sex offenders.
   We do accept clients who are motivated to change, who are working with a counselor, or case manager, and who are able to maintain a strong level of motivation while they wait for an opening (the wait may be a few months or as long as four months). Prospective clients must check-in with us on a weekly basis while they await availability for our program.
   This means that a person entering our treatment is highly motivated to practice a program of recovery. Generally, BestCare services are available to anyone who is a resident of Oregon, but typically our clients come from Central Oregon. They will have worked with a counselor, and will have had exposure to a 12 step groups (AA or NA). When our clients complete our program, they return to their homes and engage in a structured program of recovery through outpatient counseling and 12 step meetings. These are community members who have encountered problems with alcohol and other drugs, but who are serious, committed, and conscientious individuals.
   On a final note, a significant part of our program is to bring a structure and a personal pride back into lives that have become unstructured and defeated. This means that they will be expected to keep their personal environment clean and very presentable. In the same sense, BestCare takes every measure reasonable to ensure the grounds of our facilities are well-maintained and are an asset to their neighborhoods. In general, our facilities should not stand-out from their neighbors -- including the fact that signage is not an important part of our operations. Our neighbors can expect our presence to be discrete and notable only in a courteous and professional relationship.
   Randy Johnson
Director of Resident Services
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