by: David F. Ashton Gospel magician “Dr. Dan the magic Man” Lockwood amazes kids and adults during his show at Moreland Bible Church when he makes a live white dove appear.

The modest building at 1648 S.E. Ellis Street on the corner of S.E. 17th may be easy to miss as one drives by, but the congregation of Moreland Bible Church are doing their best to get their church noticed and appreciated.

For example, on August 6, they hosted an ice cream social and magic show.

'We hold community events several times each year,' said Pastor Jack Longbine, just before the magic show began. 'The idea is to invite people to visit who may otherwise feel intimidated by going into a church. With these wholesome, fun, family-friendly events, our neighbors can come in and meet people here at the church who love them for who they are, and learn what real love is.'

Inside, Gospel magician 'Dr. Dan the Magic Man' Lockwood was setting up. He told us his 'day job' is President of Multnomah University, located in the Montavilla neighborhood.

'I am a doctor; a doctor of theology - a Ph.D,' Lockwood said - and he smiled as he added, 'My wife says, 'Unless you can set a broken bone you can't call yourself a doctor.' I beg to differ!'

The native Portlander's lively professional 45 minute show was a combination of fun magic tricks and audience participation. 'We also teach some Biblical truths. I have a brief presentation of the Gospel at the show's end.'

The church hosts a 'movie night' monthly, too. 'We post our community activities on the reader-board outside. We welcome the community to join us to watch a good movie and enjoy popcorn.'

For more information, visit the church's Internet website: .

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