To the Editor:

   For the past three years, the Madras Girls' Basketball team motto has been "Believe." On March 15, in Gill Coliseum, as the final buzzer sounded, the girls realized their dream of being State Champions.
   Much of the success the girls experienced on court was not only due to their belief, work ethic, and desire but also because of the support of both Warm Springs and Madras Communities.
   A special thanks to all the fans that not only went to the Championship Game but also traveled all season with us. There were many games where we had more fans than the home team. A thank you to the tribe for the use of the van and to help transport the team. Another thanks goes out to the staff and students of Warm Springs and Madras Elementary for the posters, cards, and banners that decorated the doors at the hotel where we stayed, and for the Goodie bags.
   We also would like to thank the Pep Band, who made the trip over the mountain every day. With the support of the Cheerleaders, students, and staff of Jefferson County School District, the trophy that was brought home was earned by everyone.
   Coaches and Players
Lady Buffs Championship Team
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