>   While yet to play competitively, both the Madras High's boys and girls teams spent the end of last week honing their swings to be ready for the start of their competitive years.
   This year's boys' golf team, directed by Dan Hiatt, is not going to begin bashing drives into play until next Thursday, when it hosts the April 10 Madras Invitational. In the meantime, a collection including returning members Jordan Stacona, Eric Ringering and others is practicing steadily this week while the girls tee off their season.
   With a roster full of members in just their first or second season of golf, Madras High's girls golf team was scheduled to play in an April 1 junior varsity match Tuesday at the Prineville Country Club.
   Coach Derek Barnhurst, in his first season too, said he is hoping to bet a better idea of where the girls can save the most strokes so that he can come up with the most productive drills and practices for them in coming weeks.
   With a basic revamping of the entire team now in progress, Barnhurst said he wants to avoid some of the pressures that would come from competing in varsity matches.
   The bulk of this year's roster has at least one season left and most are only freshmen or sophomores, Barnhurst noted.
   With no limits on the number of players who can enter a junior varsity event for a team, Barnhurst noted, he hopes to have all eight of the roster members compete, except when he is limited by a course's specific rules.
   After having started their first match at 3:30 p.m. on April 1, the girls golf White Buffalos will tee off at the same time Monday, April 7, at the Resort course at Eagle Crest.
   The girls will then host a competition, starting at noon on April 12, at the Ridge course at the Eagle Crest complex.
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