sp;  April 2, 2003 — A year after the fire that destroyed her downtown business, Sandy King has reopened The Crystal Dolphin at 1045 SW Highway 97 in Madras.
   The new shop is considerable downsized, because as King explained, "After the fire, I'm starting from scratch again."
   One amazing thing is the fact her two drum-sized crystal bowls survived the fire and are in the new shop, a little smudged with smoke, but still in tact.
   "The dolphin carpet that hung behind them just folded over during the fire and protected the bowls. I'm still able to play them without having them shatter," she said. By running a special stick around the rims of the crystal bowls, King is able to produce a resonating ringing tone.
   Products at Crystal Dolphin include energy crystals, gemstones, gift items, jewelry, incense, computer-generated photos and cards, and figurines in the shape of dolphins, angels, and ancient Egyptian statues. She also carries the PureForm line of nutritional products. The inventory is always changing, so come check it out.
   King plans to put a meditation garden in on one side of the building and paint an undersea mural on the other. The store is open Monday through Saturday. For more information contact The Crystal Dolphin at 475-7673.
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