>Former county employee has not job to go back to, however, as it was eliminated while he was on paid administrative leave
   April 16, 2003 — Dave White, Jefferson County’s former director of the adult community justice and behavioral sciences departments, has been exonerated by a state investigator after three allegations of sexual harassment and exploitation were raised against him.
    The Oregon Office of Investigations and Training cleared White of the allegations after a three-month investigation.
    The county received a thick report on the investigation from the state office Monday. Staff withheld releasing the information until it is reviewed by the commissioners.
    The Jefferson County Commission placed White on administrative leave Jan. 14 after a closed-door executive session where the then-unspecified allegations were discussed.
    White said Monday he still had not seen in writing what the substance of the allegations were. But an office of investigations official confirmed to The Pioneer that they were unsubstantiated.
    “It’s a relief but sort of a disappointment at the same time,” White said. “The relief is that my name is cleared and the disappointment is these false accusations had no merit in the first place.”
    Although he feels vindicated, White has no job to return to. The commissioners eliminated his position on April 3 in a cost-cutting move.
    Commissioner Bill Bellamy said at the time the elimination was not related to the investigation, but conceded it might not have happened had the allegations not been raised.
    “If Dave White was still working, we probably wouldn’t have made that decision until July 1,” Bellamy said in an earlier interview.
    White, who had been employed by the county since 1996, was earning a $62,586 annual salary.
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