by: Photo By Linda Hill - One of the seven pups up for adoption.

   Seven puppies that were abandoned at the Culver Fire Hall March 10, have had a tough time, but are fine now and ready for adoption.
   The pups, who are a mixed border collie-shepherd breed, were estimated to be less than five days old when they were taken in by the High Desert Humane Society in Madras and placed in foster homes.
   After countless feedings every three hours, the tiny pups were thriving at first, but began to experience problems. A veterinarian diagnosed the problem, saying the formula they were being fed did not have enough calcium.
   The puppies were immediately switched to a new formula recommended by the vet and are all doing well now. They will be ready for adoption May 10, and can be viewed this Saturday.
   It is estimated the five female and two male pups will mature to be 35- to 45-pound dogs. On May 3, interested pet owners can visit the pups from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at The Feed Company, 316 SW Madison, Madras, or call 475-6639 for more information.
   An adoption fee of $45 includes spay/neuter, shots, I.D. tag, and a free donated vet exam.
   The High Desert Humane Society is a small no-kill organization run by volunteers and funded by public and community donations. Caring for these seven pups has used up a lot of the Humane Society's resources, and anyone wanting to support the group can make a tax deductible donation to: High Desert Humane Society, P.O. Box 274, Madras, OR 97741.
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