>   Madras High's boys tennis squad got in a good workout in a competition of May 1 at Madras as limited numbers of players from Mitchell and Sun River Academy came to challenge them in some round-robin dual competition.
   Bob Prince and Craig Weigand, normally Madras's first doubles team in boys competition, were each taking part in singles.
   "It keeps you in shape. You have to work on serving," Prince said of a couple of edges the switch from doubles provided.
   While Weigand provided proof of the challenge such a switch can provide by needing a tie-breaker win to pull out an 8-7 win in his match, Prince put away his match earlier through some service breaks which led to an 8-3 win.
   Madras and Sun River rather evenly split the varied matches they played last Thursday yet the Buffs finished comfortably ahead in points with a win by Matt Garrison over Dustin Gillett reprenting the old and new at the same time.
   The Madras girls faced similar challenges to the boys in making the most of limited challenges to their tennis skills. But, the Madras players who took part did very well.
   Girls coach Lori Stock and boys coach Roy Gould are priming the teams for some of their toughest tennis of the season this week as the highly-regarded Baker, Vale and Nyssa teams await the two squads from Madras who will attend.
   Against Mitchell and Sun River there were wins recorded by the girls by some players who had yet to compete this season. Among the girls, however, most of the Madras girls who won had been competing earlier this winter.
   Natasha Edwards and Melissa Danzuka each won a singles match for Madras in addition to collecting experience.
   They were being ordained.
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