iper Travel, the only travel agency in Madras, is closing its doors at the end of the month.
   Owner Bruce Stoddard said that he has weighed the decision to close for some time. "Business isn't like it used to be," he said.
   The travel agency business has been substantially impacted by the rise of internet shopping.
   Juniper Travel is located in the Madras Professional Center, on the corner of C and Sixth streets.
   New bonding requirements forced upon the agencies by the airlines have become very cumbersome, said Stoddard. Juniper Travel's present license expires at the end of the month, so Stoddard felt now was a good time to close the shop.
   Both Stoddard and employee Eleanor Gillette will continue to offer services for tour packages and cruises from their homes under the Juniper Travel monicker. Stoddard is at 923-9606. Gillette at 475-3521.
   Juniper Travel was established by Gard Erickson and Bud Ivancovich in April of 1984. Stoddard started working there in March of 1989 and purchased the business in 1991.
   "It was a great run for me," said Stoddard. "I had a great time, and got to see the world."
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