To the Editor:
This letter is sent to ask when Rick Allen was made God? Why is it that just because Rick wants something it must come about? I was unaware that this is now Allen county. I also thought this was a democracy. Apparently not in Jefferson (Allen) county. Even though the fire board and fire chief oppose the merger (hostile takeover) he, being God and all, formed his committee. All appointed by him. I was even told that at the last meeting one of the committee men wanted to stop the meetings until fall but Chairman Kemper (who was also Rick's mayoral campaign manager) said they can't because Rick wants this done quickly.
   I to want it done. I can see no reason why this was even started other than it is empire building on Rick and a couple others in the fire department. They want our money to tide them over while the economy is down which is cutting their tax revenue. I have even heard there is a few people in the department trying to get Chief Earl out. I do not know if this is true, but it seems to fit.
   Lastly, I would like to know why people are so afraid of little Rickie? It seems to me he is only trying to help himself and his buddies both in the fire department and at city hall by using his position as mayor.
   Don Heckathorn
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