>   Those interested in competing in the 2003 season of the Miniature Football League need to be at Abby's Pizza in Madras Monday night.
   Those who don't know of the Miniature Football League should come prepared to try their hand at a hybrid of electric football plus dice and spinner games. The dice and spinners determine the outcome of passes and other plays when runners are not stopped, or a pass is called by the quarterback, who is usually also the team owner.
   Competition in this year's league, presently comprised of about 16 teams, is scheduled to commence with a Hall of Fame night on Monday.
   Ryan Carroll is coordinating the league and can be reached at 420-9075 for more information.
   One of the league's past presidents, Raymond Riddle, noted that there is still room for more teams with a group of 20 teams being strived for and even more teams hoped for.
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