To the Editor:

   To the people of the Industrial Area be advised that the proposed annexation is not in effect as LUBE has remanded the annexation to the City of Madras, because of their improper procedures and other issues. Because of the LUBA remand the City of Madras must correct it's actions. During this remand it is not legal for the City of Madras to be collecting (taxes) franchise fees in the proposed annexation area of the total industrial site. Regardless that the City of Madras stated in the newspaper that nothing was wrong on their part.
   Due to the fact that the City of Madras failed to comply with these procedures of annexation the matter was appealed to LUBA by Tops Trailer Park who won the appeal.
   Due to the misrepresentation of the City of Madras to the business of the industrial site proposed annexation it is not a done deal until ruled on by LUBA and the Oregon Court of Appeals.
   If anyone in the industrial area are paying these franchise (taxes) fees they should contact their attorneys about reimbursements or other legal action against the City of Madras.
   Tops Trailer Park
Phil Morsman
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