To the Editor:

   M.J.H.S. Great Again!
   Madras Junior High School students and staff of the 1960's are gathering Tuesday, August 12, 2003. You are invited to join us at the 4th street Westside school between 1:00 - 5:00.
   Some people to visit with again are Charley Barnard, Jim Freeman, Bill Burke, Earlobe Anderson, Lynn Hoover Sale, Royce Chadwick, Elton Gregory, Dave Swingline, Walt Ponsford, Benny Jensen, Marlene Tosh, Darrell and Jim Wright, David Hanson, Jay Steveley Nether, Lorena Tunisian, Tony Miller, Jesse Lynch, Gary Reid and other including students of the 1960's in grades 7 and 8.
   After leaving Madras Elementary School, M.J.H.S. was located at Buff School on Buff Street. From out windows we watched the old fairgrounds being moved and replaced by the new an dpresent high school.
   The old 4th street high school building was then our home for many years.
   M.J.H.S. disappeared when the middle school was built. We were never known as a middle school. The 1960's at M.J.H.S. were fun, good, and friendly years. Come enjoy old photos, memories, and friendships with us.
   Harold Moore
Fances Dickson
Mac Lange
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