From Jeopardy! to Fear Factor, students will bring television staples from several eras to life
by: Chase Allgood The Banks High School Homecoming Court was announced during an assembly Monday morning. From left to right are freshman princess Emily Vandehey and Riley Wellington; sophomore princess Amy Hilger and Aaron Streblow; junior princess Courtney Engeseth and Dakota Kemper; senior princess Melissa Masters and Garrett Bossert; senior princess Natalie Larsen and Mitch Evers; and senior princess Marla Gooding and Austin Soper.

At Banks High School this week, it's all about game shows, dress-up days and - oh, yeah - some kind of football contest.

Their parents might have been glued to the tube for Wheel of Fortune, The Newlywed Game and Let's Make A Deal, but students will be reenacting scenes from TV staples both old and new during Homecoming Week 2011.

It's all in good fun, of course, some school spirit-boosting shenanigans leading up to the big football game on Friday night, when the Braves will tackle the Scappoose High Indians.

Activities director and history teacher Ben Buchanan, who also happens to be the school's head football coach, said freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are participating in dress-up days to perpetuate the theme.

'The freshmen have Family Feud, sophomores have Survivor, juniors have Fear Factor and seniors have Jeopardy!,' Buchanan noted. 'The themes for each class should be reflected in their skit, float and classroom decorations.'

Dress-up days are part of the celebration, too. Monday was 'Touch of Class' day, and Tuesday was 'Touch of Trash' day. Today, Wednesday, is 'Cross Dress' day; Thursday is 'Cowboys and Indians' day; and Friday, as per tradition, is 'Blue and Gold' day.

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