by: Photo By Susan Matheny - Kelli Templin with her donation jar.

   When 16-year-old Culver High student Kelli Templin saw the presentation on the school's Sparrow Club child, Brendon Moore, she knew she had to do something to help.
   "I felt like, if someone is terminally ill, you'd want to make sure they have the best time of their life, while they can," she said.
   So Kelli, who works after school at Pepperoni's, her parents' restaurant in Madras, decided to donate all her tips over a two-week period to Brendon.
   At the restaurant, her tip jar marked "Kelli's College Fund" was converted into a donation jar for Brendon, and customers responded well, donating a total of $285.
   "Brendon's dad said he wanted a Game Cube really bad, so that's what I got him. He also likes Sponge Bob, so I got him a bunch of Sponge Bob stuff," Kelli said.
   She was able to go to the boy's house and deliver the gifts herself.
   "He was really shy, but as soon as he saw the Sponge Bob blanket he went wild. He was excited about the Game Cube too and wanted to get it hooked up right away," she said.
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