>   Proceedings on the Jeralyn Jones case will be postponed 60 days to allow for the investigation of possible new charges.
   Jones, the former Culver city recorder, has been charged with misusing the city credit card and city phone for personal transactions.
   In November, Jones was placed on administrative leave by the Culver City Council following an annual budget audit report in executive session. After that action, Jones submitted her resignation on Nov. 29. The audit report will be released publicly at the Dec. 20, city council meeting in Culver.
   The Dec. 13, Circuit Court meeting was supposed to be to discuss a possible civil compromise with the city of Culver, however, Jones' attorney Geoffrey Gokey, spoke with Judge Gary Thompson via phone saying "new matters have come up making the offer of a civil compromise moot."
   Gokey said there were also other potential matters to consider now, and asked for more time. "We need to do more talking and negotiating," he said.
   Also appearing by phone, state of Oregon prosecuting attorney Timothy Thompson asked for additional time for investigation of new material.
   Judge Gary Thompson said he was concerned that "this case is sitting around and languishing." The original charges were made in July 2003. But Judge Thompson agreed to give the attorneys an additional 60 days.
   The next pretrial conference will be held at 9 a.m., Feb. 14.
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