>   To the Editor,
   At approximately 5 AM, Thursday, December 23, 2004, our family car was involved in a hit and run accident, while parked in front of our home on SE 9th Street in Madras.
   We would like to say that we are extremely disappointed in the person or persons who caused this to happen. The actions on the part of this person were inappropriate, illegal, irresponsible, unkind and extremely upsetting to our family (especially our 3 young children.)
   We would like to say something to you. Our 1989, silver/blue Ford Mercury may not have been a car that you felt you needed to report that you hit, but to us, it was our important family car. As my 9-year old said, "Mommy, that car was important to us, we needed that car and it was a blessing to us when we got it. Now it is ruined!"
   We are positive your red Toyota has some bad front end damage. Did you realize you left that much evidence behind?
   May we please give you a New Year's wish? Please choose to become a responsible driver or choose to stop driving. We are so thankful that your actions did not cause a person to be harmed. Next time, you or someone else, may not be so lucky. Your irresponsible actions may cause someone to get hurt or killed in the future.
   Whatever your reasons were; Drunk? Driving while on drugs? No license? Out later than you should be with someone elses car? By the size of the car you hit, I wonder if you are visually impaired? I'll even give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you didn't realize it is illegal to not report an accident?
   Our family will be left guessing why? One thing we can say for sure. If you can't be a responsible driver, by all means, hang up your keys and get off the road!
   On a positive note, thank you to the Madras Police Department for your prompt response and professionalism.
   John and Debi Stinson
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