Long range forecast from calls for cold start to 2012

If the past few days of murky, rainy weather has been a harsh reminder that you live in Oregon, brace yourself.

There's more where that came from.

That's according to a long-range forecast published by that calls for a rainy December and a frigid February.

'The brunt of the winter season, especially when dealing with cold, will be over the north-central U.S.,' stated Paul Pastelok, expert long-range meteorologist and leader of the Long-Range Forecasting Team.

But in February, that cold weather will shift west and provide colder-than-normal conditions in Oregon and Washington.

Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia, are predicted to have one of their top three coldest winters in the past 20 years, according to Expert Senior Meteorologist and Canadian Blogger Brett Anderson.

Though February is expected to be a drier month for Seattle and Portland, chances for any snow events would be highest during this month with the colder air in place.

In contrast, the earlier part of the season is forecast to feature more moderate temperatures that average near normal.

December is likely to be a wetter month for both cities with above-average precipitation. Near-normal precipitation is predicted for January.

As for the Cascades, there's good news for snow bunnies. anticipates near- to slightly above-normal snowfall this season.

The heaviest mountain snow in the West is likely to be focused a bit farther south and east from the northern and central Sierra of California into the northern Rockies and northern part of Utah's Wasatch Range.

In short, get your umbrellas and rain boots ready for a wet Christmas and ask Santa for a down comforter for the new year.

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