the Editor,
   I found the Jan. 12 letter written by Don Rowan interesting. Since moving to Madras in 1969, I have heard rumors of an existing swimming pool fund for our town. I've also heard those same funds, put into a special account, were no longer where they should be.
   "Gone," I believe, is one way of saying it. As a Madras taxpayer for the past 33 years, I would appreciate an accounting of, or honest facts, regarding those funds. If the funds are still available, then why not ask the good people of Madras to add onto them at this point? My children and grandchildren didn't get use of those funds swimming in a local pool while growing up. Now, we are being expected to finance a larger and far more elaborate structure than necessary, at a much higher expense than would have been years ago.
   Why? someone please explain to me why a swimming pool needs additional rooms over those necessary for collecting fees, maintenance and supplies, showers and dressing rooms and restrooms. There are rooms available in Madras for meetings at a much smaller cost to the individual taxpayers. If not, then why not use one of the more affluent residences in town?
   I believe asking for a record for a recount of the votes on the pool (since it was barely passing), not out of line and should be done. After all, is this vote not important to each of us and our dollar? I would support a "reasonable levy" for a pool, but I did not vote"yes" for the one as pretended on the ballot. It would also be nice to know exactly how many years we would be expected to be paying on a pool bond.
   Jean Crandall
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