>   To the Editor,
   The end is nearing for the Madras High School's cheerleading seasons for this school year. This brings me to insightful recollection of so many in our community that have helped us in some way.
   As many of you know, our schools aren't in the greatest shape financially and unfortunately cheerleading isn't an activity that is provided with many funds. So we do many fund-raisers and its been good for the squad to work for things and see the kindness in our community.
   I would like to start with the Jefferson County Fairgrounds. They have donated us a spot for the last two years to sell sno-cones. And thank you Robyn and Dave Rosenfield for allowing us to use their sno-cone machine. This has been a very fruitful fund-raiser and allowed us to buy some new uniforms and helped with some travel costs. We have also done car washes at Ahern's Market and Jason was very accomodating; thank you, Jason! Also, Dan Walston at Erickson's Sentry Market has opened up his store front and loaned us his booth to have hot dog feeds of which he has also donated or sold us the materials needed at cost. A big Thank you to Oregon Beef Company for donating hot dogs.
   And to Stann for driving the little Buffalo bus full of teenage girls (and the drama that comes along with it) to many of the football games.
   A huge thank you to everyone who made a cash donation to our Tsunami relief fund-raiser -- the money raised will go directly to help hurting children with medical needs, food and housing. We ended up raising over $300 and although that isn't a huge amount of money like I told the squad, every bit counts. So thank you again for helping us with that effort. And thank you Tiffany and her mom for coming up with the idea! Thank you Sandy for being at every game football season volunteering her time and being so supportive to all of us.
   We have our Winter Kids cheer clinic coming up on Feb. 16, 17 and 18. I want to thank all of the parents of these kids who take time out of their busy schedules to get their kids to the high school and back. They're a joy to work with. I also want to thank Margaret Sturza for always being supportive and patiently answering or explaining all of my questions ... Also a huge thank you to Tracy Graves who has been volunteering his time to help us every week on our stunting. And thank you to Denise Cloud who is a cheer coach for Oregon State University for providing an awesome camp for us last summer and to Dallas and Susan Stovall for graciously providing a relaxing and peaceful place for our camp staff to stay.
   Thank you Madras High School Pep band and Mr. Preston for providing energetic music for the girls to dance to at the basketball games! I know there are many more to thank. If I forgot you please know that you are appreciated. Cheerleading is a valuable activity that is coming and has come a long way over the years in terms of being respected and athletic. Lastly, I want to thank my assistant coach Sandy and all of the squad members for working each and every day! You are all awesome!
   Tracee Dmytryk
MHS Cheer Advisor
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