Police need public's health to solve death of Mayor of 42nd Avenue
by:  Eddie Morgan

Eddie Morgan was known as the Mayor of 42nd Avenue. With his ear-to-ear grin, the developmentally challenged man would spread the news throughout the neighborhood.

"He was a friend to everybody and a good friend to probably nobody, but he had family and he was important to them. hHe was important to everybody," says Shar Fisher, who allowed Morgan to be her unofficial assistant at the Wilshire Tavern.

"I'd send him up to get a bag of ice and he'd get a 7-Up. I'd send him to get change. He was trustworthy," says Fisher, adding that Morgan's daily routine always included a weather report. "He'd say it was snowing in the mountains, and he'd say it was snowing on 42nd, if it was."

Fox 12 reporter Nicole Doll has spent weeks talking to Portland police Cold Case Division detectives about their unsolved cases and going through the files. Her stories are being run every Thursday on the 10 O'clock News in hopes the public can help solve them. This one was broadcast on Oct. 13.

But in a killing that shocked the neighborhood, Morgan was gunned down 17 years ago near the corner of Northeast 42nd and Alberta. The murder happened around 4 a.m. on Memorial Day, 1994.

According to police, Morgan was shot multiple times while standing near a bus bench. A small marble plaque and some fading plastic flowers mark the spot where died.

"Neighbors heard shots. A woman looked out and saw him falling. He was just walking down the street," says retired Portland police Det. Mike Stahlman, a member of the Cold Case Homicide Unit.

Investigators still have no motive for Morgan's murder. A dark-colored vehicle was seen leaving the area, but nothing ever panned out.

"There was no indication from anyone that lived there that he had a run-in with anyone, made threats or been threatened," says Stahlman.

Morgan's mother died a few years ago without ever knowing who killed her boy. But Fisher says it's still important to her and the other people who knew Morgan for someone to come forward and help solve the crime.

"Tell somebody so we can all know. It's important to people like me and there's more people like me," says Fisher.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 503-823-HELP. A $1,000 reward is available to anyone with information that helps solve a felony crime, and you can remain anonymous.

Next week on Fox 12's Most Wanted Cold Case Homicide Unit series, the unsolved 1985 murder of Diane Jordan. Police say she was strangled and her body left in a dumpster on Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

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