>Former ski instructor is enjoying area's outdoor activities

   By Debbie Lyons
   Culver correspondent
   Bill Perkins Is "getting there" as far as feeling at home in his new position as principal of Culver High School.
   He explained there are two major groups of people to get to know -- the students and faculty. For the last month he has been getting to know philosphies of the staff members and people on a personal level.
   He came to Culver after working two years in Silverton, as assistant principal. He was in charge of a 350-student freshmen campus.
   Perkins and his wife, Linda, bought a vacation home in Bend a couple of years ago to be closer to their kids and grandchildren, but now it has become their permanent home.
   Their daughter Sarah, 30, works in Bend with troubled teens and has two children, Max, 3 1/2, and Jett, 1 1/2. Zachary their son, 32, also lives in Bend and operates his own landscaping business.
   Perkins grew up in Southern Californian in the Arcadia and Claremont areas, where his mom was a middle school music teacher. After graduation he went further south to San Diego and got his master's degree in physical education.
   As far as student goals, Perkins emphasized it's a necessity to get an advanced degree beyond high school, any type of training beyond high school. "Higher education to allow for a higher standard of living," he commented.
   His strongest organizational principle is to "give thanks to all things" even when dealing with problems. He thinks about the lives involved, regarding it as a challenge. "Because different things come up and there are lots of factors and different levels of development," he explained.
   He emphasized, "We are totally responsible that we see kids learn at higher levels ... driving towards their goals."
   Having been a ski instructor for years, Perkins enjoys winter activities such as skiing and snowshoeing with his family. He also enjoys mountain biking in the Deschutes River and kayaking. And now, he is enjoying the new sport of taking walks in the woods with his grandsons.
   It's a "great challenge, great position, great culmination to be a school leader in a unique and quality community," Perkins remarked.
   He explained a smaller community would allow for a quicker impact and allow for high potential of growth in a shorter period of time.
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