We take great pride in our town. Lake Oswego is a highly desirable place to live - an iron-ore smelting enclave which morphed into a prosperous, well-educated community.

I am involved with the Keep Lake Oswego Great PAC. Whether they know us or not, we think we express the sentiments of the majority of citizens who have balanced views of political decisions and actions. We are Lake Oswegans who want our city to flourish, not to stagnate.

We well understand intelligent civic management; we believe in fiscal responsibility with public funds. We appreciate the complex and lengthy process required to form public policy and to build public facilities. We see the need to present a balanced, dignified, factual picture of Lake Oswego. We search for financial truth.

We are CPAs, lawyers, engineers, human resources managers, real estate professionals, civic volunteers, communications professionals and others possessing analytical skills and the attributes of critical thinking. Attempts to scare citizens with half truths and misleading statements must be offset with facts.

A point of view is a point of view. An emotional reaction to potential denial of rights is just that. Perception, unfortunately, becomes unhappy reality when facts are skewed or absent.

Communities gather together to tend to citizens' mutual needs. Lake Oswego's city councils and staffs have historically met comprehensive needs for basic services, and have responded well to the continuing requests for civic beautification, cultural enhancements and economic vibrancy.

As great as Lake Oswego is, it can be better. We want to maintain and build on the strengths we have. We want to cohesively address the challenges, taking advantage of civil public debate to improve upon the decisions we face.

A vocal minority of citizens appears to want to change the direction of the recent past - delivering only basic services, selling off carefully acquired public lands and thwarting economic development. We reject this anachronistic approach. We can continue to do better. We want our city to continue to flourish.

Please see our website for more information and help us Keep Lake Oswego Great (

Karen S. Jacobson, Lake Oswego, is a member of the Keep Lake Oswego Great PAC steering committee.

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