To the Editor,

   My favorite president, Teddy Roosevelt, propelled this nation into the 20th century; and his many accomplishments earned him a place on Mount Rushmore.
    Most historians agree his greatest legacy was his foresight in preserving many of America's wild and beautiful lands from development.
    On a smaller scale, Gov. Tom McCall, whose belief in control and development led to our current land use planning laws, showed the same vision and foresight for our state by trying to preserve what was unique and beautiful about Oregon. Neither leader was against progress and development, quite the contrary.
    I think many voters who supported Measure 37 felt they were voting to give families a right to build on their own land or divide some for their offspring. I am not sure they understood that they were voting for property owners to sell their pre-zoning rights to developers or to roll back the systems development charges to pre-1970 levels.
    I applaud commissioners Ponsford and Bellamy for taking a cautious approach on Measure 37 claims while waiting for the courts and the state to clarify the murky areas, especially transferability. I certainly won't be signing any recall petition.
   On a related topic, let's work together as a community to plan our development. Attend the next planning commission hearing in Madras on June 29 at 7 p.m. regarding changes to the county's zoning ordinance or the hearing on July 6 taking testimony on both the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance. Easier yet, go to the county's Web site at and find the e-mail link to voice your opinion electronically.
   Sally Miller
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