>   My heart is extremely heavy as Tommy's story unfolds. It is a very sad time for all of us when one of our own is murdered in the defense of our country. It draws our attention to the seriousness war we are in today.
   Some of us close our eyes to the reality of the war. But we are in a major battle and the battle fronts are on many sides. When I went to help in the 9/11 clean up operation in New York City, I saw first hand, on our own soil, the devastation of this war and the intent of the enemy. Tommy saw the intent of this enemy through the eyes of a soldier and was willing to give his life and defend our nation on foreign soil with hopes we would not have to fight those battles here.
   There are many young men and ladies that have responded from the Madras area. Many that I have had the privilege to coach in wrestling, little league and pastor. Some I even have had the privilege to officiate at their weddings.
   Tommy took his stand. It took his life but not his principles. It has forever affected his family and this community. I am grateful to have had the privilege of watching Tommy, his sister, my sons and their friends mature into responsible adults. There is hope for America and it rests in the courage of our youth who are willing to pay the ultimate price. This war is real and it is more than a threat.
   Wes and Meg, Tommy's death was not in vain. His sacrifices and the sacrifice of the others will not go unnoticed and we today have the privilege as well as the responsibility of freedom. May God continue to bless the USA.
   Paul G. Logue
(Former Resident)
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