>   To the Editor,
   To the Tucker Family, City of Madras, City of Redmond and the Deschutes County Fairgrounds. Thank you all for allowing me to pay homage to a true American son and hero. It is said, " It takes an entire community to raise child." From Tom's folks, to the community he grew up in, you took a child, instilled a set of values that turned Tom, into a very courages young man. I mourn with you for your lost. To the staff of the cities of Madras, Redmond and fairgrounds. A big thank you for the preperations and guidance in a very difficult and trying time.
   And to you, Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker, for showing to us what many may take for granted. Pride, honor and country. You are and shall always remain the best. For you truly are an American Son. I am forever indebted to you.
   Perry W. Havers
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