>   At a second hearing before the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners last Wednesday, county residents had a lot to say about the first major overhaul of the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance in about 20 years.
   Residents from the Three Rivers area were concerned about having input on the plan, while others from Camp Sherman and Crooked River Ranch had concerns about definitions and destination resorts.
   "Why are there not still advisory committees?" asked Gary Popp of Crooked River Ranch, who owns Lake Billy Chinook Houseboats at Three Rivers. "Camp Sherman still has one, but the others have kind of fallen away."
   Popp, Loren Stills and Don Colfels, president of the Three Rivers Landowners Association, all expressed interest in participating on an advisory committee.
   Popp questioned a change in the zoning ordinance that states that permitted uses in the Three Rivers Recreation Area Waterfront Zone are subject to administrative review. "If I want to get a boat, why should I have to come in and ask?" he said.
   Mike Connors, attorney for Lake Creek Lodge owner Gordon Jones, indicated support for the plan, but asked that the county consider a "fractional ownership concept" for the Camp Sherman resort.
   Under the concept, each cabin could have multiple owners, each entitled to spend 30 days in a quarter or up to 98 days a year at the cabin. The remainder of the year, the cabin would be available in the rental pool.
   The plan specifies that the cabins be available for rental 250 days a year. "We're asking that that be stricken," Connors said.
   Jerry Hicks of Prineville, representing the owners of the King Ranch on the southern edge of the county, asked for slight modifications and remapping for destination resorts "to get as much ground as possible in large destination resorts."
   The planning commission held hearings on the draft plan in June and July at several locations around the county. The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners' first hearing was Sept. 6.
   At that meeting, Chris Gannon, director of the Jefferson County Community Development Department, explained, "The comprehensive plan establishes broad and general goals the county is going to pursue over a long period of time."
   The zoning ordinance, on the other hand "sets out specific uses and implements the broader goals set out in the comp plan," Gannon said.
   The next public hearings will be Sept. 27, from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the Crooked River Ranch Chapel, 5060 Club House Road, and 5 to 6 p.m. at the CRR Administration Building, 5195 Club House Road.
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